About R&D American English Academy

R&D American English Academy (AEA) is a comprehensive language and resource center for students in Hue, Vietnam. Staffed by native English speakers from the United States as well as a full-time staff from Vietnam, R&D AEA provides the highest quality English learning experience at a fraction of the cost of comparable language centers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best English language center in the world by providing a high-quality, low cost and holistic learning environment for our students, using a variety of mediums and extracurricular activities to improve our students’ confidence and abilities as they seek advancement both academically and professionally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment that transforms the way English is taught and learned; to become integrated into the local community; and to become an industry leader in English education.

Our Values

1. All students have the right to an education, regardless of financial means.
2. Learning English is a lifelong endeavor, and should therefore be enjoyable. testing VN
3. Partnership with the community, including given back, is essential to success.
4. To provide the highest quality at an affordable cost.
5. Be sensitive to the needs of the community where the center is based.

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